Grizzly Bear Hunts

British Columbia has some of the best Grizzly Bear hunting in Canada. Pelly Lake Outfitters offers a limited number of guided hunts for grizzly bears each season due to the strict quata system in the province. Our exclusive 3000 square guide area is home to a health population. Mature interior Grizzlies average 7-8′ and range in a color from almost black to blonde to the classic “silver tip”. Grizzly Bear hunts are offered in spring and fall. Hunts are all conducted with one hunter per guide ratio using spot and stalk as the main means of hunting these great bears. Black Bear and wolf make for a great combo spring hunts, while Mountain Goat, moose, wolf, Black Bear,and Mountain Caribou can be added to the fall hunts. Grizzly bear inhabit all types of train from the valley floors to the high alpine. Spring finds the hungry bears in search of food on fresh vegetation on avalanche slides and clover fields, while the fall finds bears are on Blueberry and Huckleberry patches trying to gain weight for their winter hibernation.