Canadian Moose Hunts

Canadian Moose our found throughout Pelly Lake Outfitters exclusive 3000 square mile guide area. Moose hunts are conducted from the 2nd week in August to the 15 of October with the rut starting around the 2nd week of September. Mature Canadian bulls average 45-50″ with a few pushing the 60″ mark. Bull moose are hunted in a variety of ways from spike camping on remote lakes and using motor boats or canoes, to glassing and calling in the high country from saddle horse and pack string or using 4 wheel drive vehicles and hiking into logging blocks and calling. Our guided moose hunts are all conducted with one hunter per guide for 9 days. Due to quotas on moose in our area we do not have a point or brow tine restriction on our bulls,meaning we do not have to count points to determine if he is legal as in a lot of other areas of British Columbia. Mountain Goat, Mountain Caribou, Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, and wolf can be combined on most moose hunts, depending on area and season.