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Stone Sheep

stone-sheep-gameStone Sheep, Pelly Lake Outfitters area lies in the southern range of the Stone Sheep. Our rams are as dark as you will find anywhere. Our Stone Rams average 36-38″ with 14-15″ bases. Pelly Lake offers hunts for these beautiful animals in early August to the 1st part of September with a maximum of 2 sheep hunters per hunt. All hunting is done by horseback and hiking out of our comfortable cabins or is done by back packing into inaccessible areas by horse. Success rates usually run close to 90%.

Mountain Goat

mtn-goat-gameMountain Goats live in the steepest and roughest parts in the area. Mountain Goat hunts require a lot of physical as well as mental preparation. Our goat hunts are done by horseback and hiking as well as backpacking, depending on the hunters physical capabilities. Success rates depend solely on the hunters abilities. Mature billies average 8 1/2 – 10 1/2″, with the hunts starting in the 2nd week in August and running through September.

Canadian Moose


Canadian Moose are found throughout the area from the high alpine peaks to the swamps in the valleys. Hunts for moose are conducted from late August to the 2nd week in October with the rut starting around the 20th of September. Success rates run from 75-80%. Our mature bulls average between 45-50″ with a few pushing the 60″ mark. Hunts are conducted in a number of different ways from spike camping on remote lakes and using boats to hunting the high country from saddle horse to using 4-wheel drive vehicles to hunt logging blocks and calling.

Grizzly Bear

grizzly-gameGrizzly Bear are one of the toughest animals to hunt. Grizzlies inhabit all types of terrain and can be found anywhere at any time. Our bears average 7-8’ and are the true interior bears ranging in colors from black to blonde to the classic “silvertip”. We conduct a limited number of hunts for these great animals each year with most hunts being done in May by 4-wheel drive vehicles and spot and stalking. A few hunts are done in September when the bears are on the Blue Berry patches. Success rates usually run from 50-60%.

Spring Black Bear

black-bear-gameBlack Bear is the most abundant animal in all of British Columbia. Hunts are conducted with a 2 hunter to 1 guide ratio in May and early June out of our comfortable lodge by 4-wheel drive vehicles. Most hunters see an average of 3-5 bears per day on this spot and stalk hunt. Success rates run in the high 90% range with many hunters taking home 2 bears on this hunt. Bears average 6-7’with a number of bears going over 7′.


pelly-elk-gameElk hunts are conducted from 4×4 vehicles with calling being the primary way of locating bulls. Elk numbers are relatively small, but some great trophies are available. Only 6 point bulls or larger are legal. The season opens the 10th of September, the beginning of the bugle season.

Mountain Caribou

mtn-caribu-gameMountain Caribou are hunted by horseback starting in mid September. The large heard bulls are found above tree line this time of year in search of females. Spot and stalk being the main hunting tactic to harvest one of these trophy bulls. Mountain caribou are not found in large herds, but usually in small groups. Hunts are conducted out of spike camps and tents. Success rates depend mostly on the weather conditions and the travel of the caribou.